Spring is Sprung!

As always, the last weeks of 'winter' on the coast can test the sanity of even the hardiest of souls. It's not that the weather is particularly bad, I put my winter jacket away before we'd even seen the last of January but, the grey can get you down. We've had a few little teasing encounters with blue skies and sunshine to be sure but, not enough to fully emerge from one's cocoon. Updates have been sparse, grey and dark in tone for the most part.

2012, My Year in Books

It's been a crazy year, feels like I haven't had a moment to breathe through most of it, let alone time to read. I thought that perhaps I should sit down and review what I've read over the year and, I don't feel quite so illiterate now! While a pretty thin selection for me, with a lot of re-reads and shockingly, nary a sci fi novel in the list, here are the books I read this year, in the order that they stacked best for the photo!

Plus a Day

Those of you who've been following along for the last couple years on my Flickr stream or my Tumblr blog (also available here, know that my son Trajan is a pretty frequent target of my cameras. He's quite the growing concern and full of surprises since day one which was, of course, 13 weeks earlier than expected!

Mother's Day 2012

While of course a special shout has to go out to my own Mother, who's running away to a landslide in 'Grandma of the Year' voting and my own Grandma McMillan who's being all gracious about possibly losing her crown of 'Grandma of the Year' after a 40+ year reign this Mother's day is all about my darling Lisa who's out and about with her Mom this afternoon.

Beginning at the Beginning

I might as well start at the beginning. Way, way back at the dawn of time when all the cameras were manual focus and I was but a lad of 12 bouncing back and forth between obsessions. Hockey one week (sadly, I sucked), Ham radio's the next (never did quite get the hang of morse code), something else the next when suddenly, I became captivated by photography.