Thu, 07/26/2012 - 17:31

217.5º Arc x13 detail on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Closeup detail of Bernar Venet’s 217.5º Arc x13 sculpture, a legacy work from the 2005-07 Vancouver Biennale located on English Bay

Sat, 07/21/2012 - 19:25

Maintaining a Sense of Scale on Flickr.

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Although no longer the tiny guy he once was, Trajan still has a ways to go before he starts challenging even a second growth temperate rainforest in a slam dunk competition.

Fri, 07/20/2012 - 20:21

Everything but the Sombrero on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Yet another (recently) empty shop in Chinatown. Nary a thing left from a business that had been there since at least the late 80’s (when I first visited Chinatown) but for the sombrero.

Fri, 07/20/2012 - 13:37

“I’ll remember this” on Flickr.

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Trajan is not a fan of the box. We don’t put him in it often but, sometimes it’s necessary. Like when we want to empty the dishwasher without him closing the door every 10 seconds!

More importantly though, nice job here with the Jupiter 3 lens (Russian 50mm f/1.5) at 1.5. It looks like I got the rangefinder pretty much bang on when I adjusted it too. Not super, biting sharp but, pretty darn nice rendering. I’d judge my version to be from the late 50’s/early 60’s by the chrome finish on it.

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 21:19

Hurry Past where Chinatown Was on Flickr.

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Sad times in Chinatown these days, every time I head down there, more and more stores are shuttered. It’s almost like Vancouver’s traditional Chinese community has just up and disappeared overnight, swallowed up by the Night Market and the shiny new shopping malls in Richmond.

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 08:50

Cabin Life on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Spent a lovely day with an old friend and his family at their family place on Bown Island. His forebears were smart enough to buy not one but both of the cabins pictured here, right beside the beach, ages ago when normal mortals could do such things. Now, the cabins are shared by the whole family and, used most of the year.

When I was growing up, visiting Vancouver in the summer, it seemed everyone had a summer home like this, my Grandparents had one in Washington State, an uncle with a nice cabin in the interior and, the summers were spent going from cabin to cabin. Now, the summer cabin is the retreat of only the very lucky (like my friend) or the very rich.

This, is a sad thing.

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 13:54

July 2012 Class Photo on Flickr.

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I haven’t posted an updated shot of my gear collection lately, out of fear that it would spur Lisa to finally organize an intervention.

Me, I think that it’s all well under control. We just need to buy a larger dining room table so I can continue to put it all out as the collection grows.

Everything you see here has been used at least once in the last year. If something sits more than a year without me using it, it gets moved out quickly.

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Tue, 07/17/2012 - 17:25

D Trevlon Band at the Railway Club on Flickr.

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Went out last night to see the D. Trevlon band once again. They’ve really gelled into something special of late. I’d suggest you see them sooner, rather than later if you want to avoid screaming throngs as the screaming throngs are coming soon!

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 17:13

2x2 on Flickr.

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Wheels, that is.

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 14:01

Stop. Relax. on Flickr.

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Sage advise from Strathcona.